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Museum of Zoology


The zoological collections, founded in 1735, are among the oldest and largest in Northern Europe. There are some 10 million specimens of which the vast majority are insects. The annual acquisition is approximately 30 000 specimens.

The holdings include large collections of type material. There are approximately 15 000 insect types, 150 vertebrates and 1 400 invertebrates, other than insects. Important insect collections, holding type material, are Zetterstedt's, Fallén's, Dahlbom's, and Thomson's among others. Vertebrates are mainly Pisces and Reptilia. One important collection of invertebrates is Oscar Carlgren's Anthozoa collection which includes 66 types.


Biological Museums in UMAC Newsletter
In the february issue of the UMAC Newsletter, pages 9-10, is a paper by professor Ingvar Kärnefelt about the forthcoming transfer of the collections to new premises. The consequences for both personel and collections are discussed. UMAC is an acronym for "University Museums and Collections".
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