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Welcome to the
Biological Museums

The Botanical museum and the Museum of Zoology is part of the department of Biology, within the Faculty of Natural Sciences, since January 2010.

There are c. 12 million specimens of plants and animals at the Museums. This material has been assembled during the last three centuries.

The collections are now made accessible to researchers all over the world by comprehensive databases. Material is also frequently sent on loan. In addition, both scientists and amateurs are welcome, after appointment, to visit the Museums for studies.


Diversity of Lichenology - Anniversary volume
The 100th volume of Bibliotheca Lichenologica, entitled ‘Diversity of Lichenology – Anniversary Volume’, was edited by Arne Thell, the Biological Museums, University of Lund, Mark Seaward, University of Bradford, and Tassilo Feuerer, University of Hamburg.
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New book
Lichenological Contributions in Honour of David Galloway”, Bibliotheca Lichenologica vol. 95. Appeared in May 2007 on occasion of the 65th birthday of Prof. Galloway. The book was edited at the Botanical Museum by Ingvar Kärnefelt and Arne Thell.
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